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Saturday, October 26, 2013

No More Saved Searches in G +

Google+ had a cool feature that allowed you to save searches. It's no longer available and all your saved searches will be removed in a few weeks.

Well that's not very good. There's a world of difference between a saved search that emails you every time something new appears near the top of the results, and a bookmark that you have to actually check for yourself and then work out which results are new and which are the boring ones you already saw..

I guess the real difference is that with the bookmark you get to see all those lovely.

Google shows this message when you click one of the saved searches: "Saved searches” are going away. Bookmark this page on your browser to save your Google+ search for later."

There's even an article that explains how to bookmark a search results page. "Browser bookmarks replace the earlier 'Save this search' option in Google+. You can access any existing saved searches from the Home > More menu until November 15, 2013."

I used this feature to save searches like #googleplusupdate.

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