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Friday, November 16, 2012

SEO Sydney And Internet Marketing Terminologies

We at, SEO Sydney just thought about to provide some very much important SEO glossary hereby.

White Hat SEO:Search engines have set up definite procedures publishers most follow when distributing details on the Internet. SEO systems used to draw searchers that are within their strategy are called White Hat SEO practices.

Keywords: Keywords are used to give emphasis to words or phrases a page is demanding to target.

Link Building: The activity of building worth linkage from other sites to yours, which search engines, will review, establishing your website to be responsible, appropriate and respected.

Crawl Frequency: High PR and link authority are factors in website crawl regularity. Low-quality links, spammy, and replica content sites may be crawled less commonly than responsible websites with exclusive content.

Online Reputation Management: The process of managing your businesses standing online. This includes obstructing negative search results pages, and the taking away of negative feedback on blogs, comments and criticism boards.

Conversion: Conversion happens when a goal is reached.

Usability: Making sure you website is user friendly can help increase conversion rates. The construction, text formation and links should be easy for customers to complete the desired or necessary actions.

Query: The real word or phrase an online visitor enters into a search engine.

Relevancy: The determination of how helpful search results are to a “query”. The results should communicate to the query providing relevant web data the searcher can truly use.

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