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Saturday, March 2, 2013

Top 10 Alternative Search Engines: Best of 2012

Here at Netprro - SEO Consultant in Sydney we do rather love putting together top 10 lists for you. This time we are covering the Top 10 alternative search engines and reference sites 2012. So if you’re bored of using the typical mainstream search engines like Google, these search and reference websites offer interesting, new ways to search for whatever you’re looking for.
DuckDuckGo - The Search Engine That DOESN’T Track You
First up is a useful alternative search engine that doesn’t track your activity. Unlike Google and other popular search engines, DuckDuckGo protects your privacy by never finding out who you are, so you can freely search whatever you want.

Qwiki - The Talking Wikipedia
Something a bit different to your usual Wikipedia searching is Qwiki – an alternative Wikipedia-style search engine literally speaks to you!

Quora - The Search Engine for Questions & Answers 
You know how you often end up asking Google questions (“Who am I?” anyone?!)… Well Quora is basically a search engine just for asking questions and getting the answers!

Chomp - The Search Engine for Apps 
So if you’re an iPhone or iPad user, you’ve probably wondered what the best way to find the best apps is. We review hot, new apps every week, although we’re not a search engine for apps.

Grovo - The Search Engine for Internet Education
You may use your Google, your Bing etc to search for websites you are looking for, but what happens once you get to the site and don’t know how to use it! Grovo is a growing library of short, educational videos about how to use and get the best out of the Internet most popular websites.

Wolfram Alpha - The Computer That Knows All the Answers 
Normal search engines like Google bring up a list of links to pages from around the web that relate to your search terms. Wolfram Alpha is a “computational knowledge engine”

SoCl - The Social Search Engine
Straight out of the Microsoft research center comes SoCl – the World’s first ‘Social Search Engine’. It’s similar to regular search engines like Google, but shortens your path to relevant search results by creating a feed of results both from Bing search engine and other users, like you, who searched the same keyword.

5min - The Ultimate How-To ‘Videopedia‘
Another video hub, but this time it’s a massive, searchable library of how-to videos. So instead of doing a how-to search on Google, you can use 5min’s internal search engine ready to bring you tens of thousands of how-to videos across a huge array of topics.

LyricsnMusic - The Search Engine for Music & Lyrics
This alternative search engine is just the perfect site to accompany your music listening.

AllMyFaves - The Web’s Most Popular Homepage: No Search Required
Built on the idea that you shouldn’t have to search for the best websites – and that Google doesn’t always give you the best websites – AllMyFaves is a human-curated, hand-picked, visual directory of the best websites.