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Thursday, April 3, 2014

Why Google hates your website?

SEO company Sydney

There are several websites that have to struggle for pleasing Google. In order to achieve high ranking in Google, one should adhere to the guidelines set by Google. If any or some of the guidelines are violated, it can hurt your website rankings.

Your website needs Search engine optimization services Australia in order to make it rank higher in Google. Properly implemented SEO strategies can surely improve the rankings of your website. Here are some reasons why Google dislikes your website:

1. Low quality and bad content:

“Content is the king.” This applies here as well. If your website has low quality or bad content, there are chances that your website would not rank higher. Google loves fresh, unique and high quality content. Do not think of copying the content from somewhere for your website as this would only have a negative impact. Instead, hire professional content writers who can deliver unique and interesting content. Most of the Search engine optimization companies Sydney offer such content writing services.

2. Too many ads:

It is not a good idea to post too many or irrelevant ads on your website just for the sake of making money through clicks. While placing ads on your website, ensure that they are relevant to the data or products your business offers.

3. Poor planning and implementation of SEO:

If you want to make your website ran higher in Google, it is important to hire the best Search engine optimization company Sydney to plan an effective SEO strategy to help you get targeted traffic on your site.
No matter what your requirements may be, always look for experienced and expert SEO company Sydney to make your website get noticed by Google.