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Monday, March 11, 2013

10 Tools for Creating Infographics and Visualizations

Piktochart could be a web-based tool that has six good free themes for making easy visualizations. You’ll drag and drop completely different shapes and pictures, and there's quite an little bit of customization accessible. is another free web-based tool for making infographics. you can't produce graphs exploitation real information with this tool, however its specific for abstract visualizations and storytelling. is another free, web-based tool with some very nice themes and a good interface for making easy infographics. This selection additionally permits you to form charts using real data. as some easy free tools price mentioning, several of that integrate with social networks to research Twitter and Facebook information. You’ll produce fun logician diagrams, Twitter account show-downs, visuals that analyze hash tags, and many others, however there’s nearly no customization obtainable.

Tableau has some free tools for making knowledge visualizations. It’s not internet primarily based, therefore you have got to transfer the code

This is a desktop application that I exploit all the time at work. The interface is extremely intuitive, and it’s quite an effective tool for wireframing well. You will be able to customize and stylize objects to the extent that you just can use the tool to make whole infographics precisely as you wish them mistreatment this tool.

This is another nice wireframing tool smart for making easy diagrams of net and mobile interfaces.

8. Make a video
The RSA Animate series may be a particular example of visual communication to accompany a verbal rationalization of one thing.

TimelineJS uses a Google program with links to YouTube, Flickr, Twitter, Sound Cloud, and different media sources to make very nice-looking timelines. permits you to form displays wherever you record yourself talking next to the slides you’re presenting. This tool can be a decent means for folks operating remotely to share a proposal or conception, or for documenting displays you’ve given on your web log or web site.

Here at SEO Specialists we do rather love putting together top 10 lists for you. So now you have got a bunch of tools you can play with, but before you go too crazy adding bubble charts and radial bar graphs, take some time to really plan out your infographics and what you want people to take away from it.