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Thursday, December 26, 2013

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Most Retweeted Tweet of 2013

Thank you all for helping me through this time with your enormous love & support. Cory will forever be in my heart.— 
Lea Michele (@msleamichele) July 29, 2013

It's with a heavy heart that we must confirm Paul Walker passed away today in a tragic car accident…MORE:— 
Paul Walker (@RealPaulWalker) December 01, 2013

Yesss ! I'm 20 ! Wohooo ! No more teens!— 
Niall Horan (@NiallOfficial) September 12, 2013

Four more years.— 
Barack Obama (@BarackObama) November 07, 2012

Thursday, December 12, 2013

The New Google Sheets

There's a new version of Google Sheets. "It's faster, supports larger spreadsheets, has a number of new features, and works offline," informs Google.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Bing Officially Shuts Down Bing Shopping

In August, Microsoft announced they will close Bing shopping. Bing replaced it with Product Search, which simply integrates product results within Bing search results rather than in a separate destination.

Today, if you try to go to the Bing Shopping destination, i.e., — you are redirected to Bing’s home page.

Bing is using a 301 redirect, so this is a very permanent change.
Merchants who want to be included in Bing Product Search can do so both with paid an organic, non-paid, ways.

Source : +Search Engine Land 

Thursday, November 21, 2013

YouTube Easter Egg for Doge Meme

+YouTube has an Easter Egg that changes the search results page for [doge meme]: colorful text, Comic Sans, much wow, so hip, help plz.

Image Source : Android News by Phandroid

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Thursday, October 31, 2013

Top Sites in Australia

Top Sites in Australia

List of the most accessed sites with domain extension.
(Most popular websites in
Site position: 1 (in .au); 86 (Global Alexa rank)
+You Search Images Maps Play YouTube News Gmail More Drive Calendar Translate Books Shopping Blogger Reader Photos Videos Even more Account Options Sign in Search settings Advanced search Language tools Web History

eBay | Electronics, Cars, Fashion, Collectibles, Vouchers and More Online Shopping
Site position: 6 (in .au); 375 (Global Alexa rank)
Buy and sell electronics, cars, fashion apparel, collectibles, sporting goods, digital cameras, baby items, vouchers, and everything else on eBay, the world's online marketplace

News.Com.Au| News Online from Australia and the World
Site position: 10 (in .au); 500 (Global Alexa rank)
News headlines from Australia and the world. The latest national, world, business, sport, entertainment and technology news from News Limited news papers | Australian Breaking News Headlines & World News Online
Site position: 14 (in .au); 918 (Global Alexa rank)
Breaking news from Sydney, Australia and the world. Features the latest business, sport, entertainment, travel, lifestyle, and technology news.
Site position: 12 (in .au); 1176 (Global Alexa rank)

Saturday, October 26, 2013

No More Saved Searches in G +

Google+ had a cool feature that allowed you to save searches. It's no longer available and all your saved searches will be removed in a few weeks.

Well that's not very good. There's a world of difference between a saved search that emails you every time something new appears near the top of the results, and a bookmark that you have to actually check for yourself and then work out which results are new and which are the boring ones you already saw..

I guess the real difference is that with the bookmark you get to see all those lovely.

Google shows this message when you click one of the saved searches: "Saved searches” are going away. Bookmark this page on your browser to save your Google+ search for later."

There's even an article that explains how to bookmark a search results page. "Browser bookmarks replace the earlier 'Save this search' option in Google+. You can access any existing saved searches from the Home > More menu until November 15, 2013."

I used this feature to save searches like #googleplusupdate.

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

New HP Chromebook, Made With Google

We need our computers to be as fast and mobile as we are. We want to work across multiple screens—often at the same time. We want the latest and greatest software and we want to be able to get to our stuff from wherever we are. Chromebooks offer all of that, making computers that are simpler, more secure and more affordable, for everyone.

Earlier today, HP introduced the HP Chromebook 11. Designed and built in partnership with our friends at HP, it has all of the speed, simplicity and security benefits you'd expect from a Chromebook, and some unique design elements that address many of the challenges people face with computers today. 

Look for it starting today at Best Buy, Amazon, Google Play and HP Shopping in the U.S., as well as at Currys, PC World and many other retailers in the U.K. It will be available in other countries that sell Chromebooks in time for the holidays. 

So if you’ve been looking for a computer that makes it easier to get stuff done (and look good doing it), we hope you give the new HP Chromebook 11 a try—or add it to your gift list this holiday season. We designed it to make computing faster, simpler and more secure, for everyone. 

Posted by Caesar Sengupta, VP, Product Management

Image and Content Source : Google Official Blog

Monday, September 30, 2013

Helpful Twitter Background Resources

What would a Twitter resource guide be while not some helpful Twitter apps? Not solely do several of those tools offer pre-designed backgrounds, however several may mechanically update your background, offer elaborate data and FAQs, and even fully-functional image editors. Here are a number of the best:

My Tweet Space: My Tweet Space is one amongst the only ways that to form a Twitter background with nominal effort. It permits users to form badges, add graphics, play with text, and additional to form elegant backgrounds and left-hand text columns. You’ll even log in with Twitter and My Tweet Space can mechanically update your background.

Twitter Backs: This web site provides a collection of templates good for making your ideal Twitter background. The templates are available in PSD (Photoshop) kind. In fact, my Twitter account utilizes a Twitter Back guide because the basis for my style. are you able to guess that one?

Tweet Style: Tweet Style offers free background templates, custom Twitter backgrounds, and a number of helpful web log posts on the topic of the backcloth.

Free Twitter Designer: This handy very little app provides associate easy-to-use image editor to assist you produce a professional-looking theme.

Twit Backs: this can be another tool for making backgrounds. This one makes a specialty of left-hand column-based backgrounds.

Twitter Gallery: Twitter Gallery may be a directory of themes supported color and class. you'll even click the "install" button beneath any theme, log into Twitter, and poof!...your background is prepared.

Peekr: If you stumble across a good Twitter background and need to require a fast verify it in its pure kind, the Peekr bookmarklet is that the thanks to go. Click on the bookmarklet once to point out solely the background, and press it once more to bring everything back to traditional

Friday, September 20, 2013

Official: Google Rolling Out App Launcher, Flat Logo

Google has confirmed its plans to add a new app launcher to the main Google navigation bar that will give users quicker access to other Google products.

It’s the same grid-style app launcher that many users will already recognize from Android devices and Chromebook computers. Google has been testing this nav launcher since February, if not earlier. Here are screenshots provided by Google:

Your Google products are now accessible under a new app launcher, located at the top right of the screen. Just click on the familiar 'Apps' grid, also present on Android devices and Chromebooks

Content Source : Search Engine Land 
Image Source : Google Inside Search Blog 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Google Panda Update

Google confirmed with us that a Panda update is being released and said In the last few days we’ve been pushing out a new Panda update that incorporates new signals so it can be more finely targeted.

This is despite Google telling us they are unlikely to confirm future Panda updates. There does seem to be a wide number of SEOs and webmasters claiming recoveries here.

Here are all the releases so far for Panda:
  1. Panda Update 1, Feb. 24, 2011 (11.8% of queries; announced; English in US only)
  2. Panda Update 2, April 11, 2011 (2% of queries; announced; rolled out in English internationally)
  3. Panda Update 3, May 10, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  4. Panda Update 4, June 16, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  5. Panda Update 5, July 23, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  6. Panda Update 6, Aug. 12, 2011 (6-9% of queries in many non-English languages; announced)
  7. Panda Update 7, Sept. 28, 2011 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  8. Panda Update 8, Oct. 19, 2011 (about 2% of queries; belatedly confirmed)
  9. Panda Update 9, Nov. 18, 2011: (less than 1% of queries; announced)
  10. Panda Update 10, Jan. 18, 2012 (no change given; confirmed, not announced)
  11. Panda Update 11, Feb. 27, 2012 (no change given; announced)
  12. Panda Update 12, March 23, 2012 (about 1.6% of queries impacted; announced)
  13. Panda Update 13, April 19, 2012 (no change given; belatedly revealed)
  14. Panda Update 14, April 27, 2012: (no change given; confirmed; first update within days of another)
  15. Panda Update 15, June 9, 2012: (1% of queries; belatedly announced)
  16. Panda Update 16, June 25, 2012: (about 1% of queries; announced)
  17. Panda Update 17, July 24, 2012:(about 1% of queries; announced)
  18. Panda Update 18, Aug. 20, 2012: (about 1% of queries; belatedly announced)
  19. Panda Update 19, Sept. 18, 2012: (less than 0.7% of queries; announced)
  20. Panda Update 20 , Sept. 27, 2012 (2.4% English queries, impacted, belatedly announced
  21. Panda Update 21, Nov. 5, 2012 (1.1% of English-language queries in US; 0.4% worldwide; confirmed, not announced)
  22. Panda Update 22, Nov. 21, 2012 (0.8% of English queries were affected; confirmed, not announced)
  23. Panda Update 23, Dec. 21, 2012 (1.3% of English queries were affected; confirmed, announced)
  24. Panda Update 24, Jan. 22, 2013 (1.2% of English queries were affected; confirmed, announced)
  25. Panda Update 25, March 15, 2013 (confirmed as coming; not confirmed as having happened)
  26. Panda Update 26, July 18, 2013 (confirmed)
Panda Update Source +Search Engine Land 

Friday, August 23, 2013

5 Tools For SEO Professionals

SEO abounds with tools and services that purport to create life easier for those acting at the sharp finish of the trade. Several SEO companies place along their own tools as how of attracting traffic, and, as you would possibly expect, those tools are of variable quality.

Weeding out the dross and building a work flow that produces use of the must-have tools for SEO professionals isn't any simple task, thus nowadays we are  attending to place you on the proper path by curetting an inventory of the SEO tools that we wouldn’t be while not.

While there are some nice free SEO tools out there, we’re attending to decide the most effective obtainable tool in every class, despite the worth.

Screaming Frog could be a web site crawler. It traverses all the links on a web site and gathers along helpful knowledge. Spider computer code is very helpful for SEOs as a result of it provides them a Google-eye read of the location, and can report back on aspects that cause issues for Google bot.

Among others, Screaming Frog collates knowledge about:

  • Broken Links and redirects
  • Duplicate content
  • Missing headers
  • Faulty meta descriptions and title tags
  • Canonical link parts

MajesticSEO provides a free Backlink checker with an embarrassment of helpful data a few sites incoming links. Maintaining a healthy natural Backlink profile is vital, particularly within the wake of Penguin 2.0 MajesticSEO is a wonderful tool for exploring the small print of a site’s link profile, together with anchor text and domain authority.

Keywords are the pillars upon that SEO strategy is build. Finding the proper ones is each an art and a science. SEMRush could be a keyword tool which will offer comprehensive knowledge regarding your target keyword, connected keywords, keyword search volume and fight.

These are terribly totally different tools, however we’re attending to compress them into one as they each return from Google and it leaves us space for an extra.

Google Webmaster Tools enable you to visualize on your site’s relationship with the program and piece a number of the ways in which Google can act with it. It’s conjointly wherever Google can send any messages regarding your web site.

Google Analytics is a huge collection of tools for chase and observation your site’s activity and performance. It may be overwhelming for a few; however the quantity of unjust knowledge to be gleaned from Google Analytics is unbeatable.

Site speed is a very important SEO factor. Slow sites tend to supply a foul user expertise and have the bounce rate that goes with it, each of that is regarded poorly by Google. Pingdom’s web site Speed take a look at can show you ways long your page takes to load and supply a breakdown of what quantity time every part is adding. It provides an excellent guide for speed optimisation and its conjointly helpful for testing the result that those tweaks have.

Everyone’s got their own opinion regarding the most effective SEO tools for professionals, and we’d like to hear what you're thinking that of our go-to resources, furthermore because the tools that you just wouldn’t be while not.

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Australian Web Awards Winners 2012

The Winners of the Australian Web Awards 2012 will be announced in Melbourne on Saturday 6th October, 2012.

Check back then to see who the top crop in the Australian web industry.

Personal - The winner is

E - Commerce - The winner is WorldWeave

Commercial - The winner is Clever Starfish.

Government - The winner is Get To Know Me.

Education - The winner is Centre for Exploration Targeting (CET).

Culture & Events - The winner is Perth International Comedy Festival.

Not for Profit - The winner is FOODcents.

Innovation - The winner is CSC Cleansite.

Best Overall Mobile - The winner is Design City.

Best Overall HTML / CSS - The winner is Due Jolly.

Best Overall Accessibility - The winner is Love Freo.

Best Overall User Experience - The winner is Kosmic.

Best Overall Visual Design - The winner is Royal Agricultural Society (WA).

The Most Outstanding - The winner is FOODcents.

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Business.

The most in popular social networking sites are often outlined by what number registered users they need. This blog can check out the highest ten social networking sites for business, that area unit the foremost in popular sites used by customers, wanting to shop for merchandise or services from a business similar to yours. Here at NetPrro Australia we have a tendency to do rather love producing most important 10 sites for you.

If you thought social networking was simply a furor, take a glance at the highest ten Social Networks:

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Free US Local Business Listing Sites

Local SEO may be a should once you have a business with a physical location and expect customers to go to. You may get to pay special attention to location-specific SEO needs for your website except for different generic SEO necessities.

More than 20 % of Google Search is local, as Google and different search engines kind location-specific businesses into localized search results. These results have abundant less competition than you'd have with generic search results however it takes some sensible steps to rank at the highest of them.

One necessary step is to enter your business in local business listing sites. During this journal we'll think about the highest 10 directories which will facilitate your native business acquire higher rankings within the localized SERPs.

Google Places:

To be accepted as a Local business on Google, you have got to form your presence far-famed in 3 places.
  • Google Webmaster Tools 
  • Google Places 
  • Google+

Yahoo Local

Yahoo native Listing may be a nice free service that displays your native address, sign and uniform resource locator and provides you the choice of selecting up to five business classes. 


Yelp encompasses a massive user-community that is freelance from widespread search engines. Hence, it's necessary for your business to feature on Yelp so as to realize attention from this fully completely different and targeted audience.


For Local businesses, being listed on Bing is as necessary as being listed on Google+ native. you'll claim your business listing that already exists or produce a brand new one by clicking on the start currently link shown within the screenshot below.



Merchant Circle may be a widespread free Yankee local-business listing service. It retrieves data from phone book listings. Check to examine if your business is already listed by clicking the business page and finding the ‘Is This Your Business Listing?’ possibility on the blue box at the left column of that page.

Local may be a computer program that lists native U.S. businesses and presently is home to sixteen million business listings. you'll claim your business listing if it already exists on the information or produce a completely new listing for free of charge.

ExpressUpdateUSA (InfoUSA)

Infogroup encompasses a large information of companies within the U.S. and additionally partners directly with prime search engines business directories to supply data on local businesses.



MapQuest is yet another fee local business listing service that has an audience of its own and helps folks realize native businesses on the net and mobile devices. You’ll sign on for free of charge and add data regarding your business


This is a reasonably new business listing website however widespread among users to search out health and medical services, home and garden businesses, hair and wonder services, automobile services and pet connected business listings within the US.


Although featured at the tip of this list, Foursquare is not any regular business listing platform however a mobile application that's the quickest growing little business mobile selling platform.